We are specialists in digital development.

Together, we turn creative ideas into digital successs.

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Our values

We believe in strong and long-term relationships. Both with customers and colleagues.
We are a dedicated team of IT specialists who with passion help our customers to digital success.
We have decided to develop and have fun together.

" We have chosen to build a new business from scratch, based on our experience and values "

What we are & what we do

We are an IT consulting company that cherish long-term relationships where the customer and the consultant are in focus. Our consultants are social, competent and dutiful. They raise the mood and productivity of your development team.

We help you solve the most complex digital challenges. We do this through many years of experience in system development, testing and project management within large and small agile projects. We have expertise in, for example, telecom, forest, study administration, banking, insurance, energy, healthcare etc.

Tobias Forsgren

IT consultant who has worked in the industry since 2005. Has many years of experience from large agile projects within forest, telecom and study administration systems.

Tobias is a specialist in Java.

Richard Ramnefält

IT consultant who has worked in the industry since 2006. Has many years of experience developing systems solutions in many different industries, such as pensions, banks and the energy sector.

Richard is a specialist in .NET and front end development.

" We are proud of our business concept. It is sustainable and based on our values "

Our promises

  • We cherish long-term relationships

  • We Keep what we promise

  • We keep on developing our selves

  • We have fun along the way